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Our Services

Rekar provides consultancy and software to organisations that want to introduce or improve their Service Management disciplines to meet business demands as well as industry standards.

Through our highly experienced consultants we can help you review current processes against business objectives, and also define and cost justify your new Service Management projects against expected return on investment. From these efficient and cost effective reviews we can then assist you in defining and implementing best practice business processes for your environment.

The success of any business process is dependent on it meeting not only the needs of the organisation but also its people. Service Management needs to understand the culture of the company as well as supporting the business drivers. We pride ourselves on our ability to grasp your business culture.

Underpinning the Service Management processes are software applications and tools that make the implementation into your business smooth and successful.

Tools such as Serena's TeamTrack are used to implement and automate your best practice processes. A solution might require a bespoke implementation built specifically for you or may, if the process fits, use one of the many pre-built applications.

Whatever your requirement, Rekar are in the best position to help. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

"Telewest Broadband has worked with Rekar to help develop service management systems with great success. Their knowledge and experience of the principles of service management has proved very valuable"

Sue Crosher, Configuration & Change Manager
Telewest Broadband

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